Bring your BOF or Chapter Rally to SKP ACRE!

This is YOUR rally. Please - make as much of it as you can. Integrate your group into the rally and spread the word... Use the Contact Us Page and let us know about your group!

Registration is now open for SKP ACRE 2013

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Be sure to check out Cindy Devonshire's reports on the Rallies from 2012, 2011 and 2010!

Welcome to SKP ACRE 2013!

Rally News

Tom Johnson Camping Center now has 50A power!

Great news this spring from Tom Johnson. Their new electrical service should be installed in time for SKP ACRE, and we'll all have 50A power!

Essential Rally Information

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The Rally starts in:
When will the Rally take place?

2013 Rally: Monday April 22 to Sunday, April 28

Sunday April 21st: Early Arrival
Monday April 22nd: Arrival Day
Tuesday April 23rd: Registration, no other Scheduled Events
Wednesday to Sunday: Normal Rally Events
Sunday April 28th: Hitch-up and Leave (See You Next Year!)
Also - save the Dates:
2014 Rally: April 27 to May 5, 2014

NOTE: If you plan to arrive at the rally park earlier than Sunday April 21st, 2013, you MUST make prior arrangements directly with Tom Johnson Camping Center. Arrivals earlier than April 21st are NOT covered by any arrangement with SKP ACRE.
Where is the Rally being held?
Tom Johnson Camping Center, 400 Resistoflex Rd, Marion, NC 28752
Latitude and Longitude:
N35.688307°; W82.061445°
For a Google map click the blue "Google Map" tab above on the LEFT.
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In the unlikely event you need (non-RV) lodging while you're participating in the Rally information about local Motels and Bed & Breakfast places has been posted on our 411 page.
How much does it cost?

The Camping Fee is $24.00 per rig per night.

The Rally Fee is $20.00 per person.

What's Included in my Rally Fee?
1. Everyone will get the Catered Dinner on Tuesday (menu: Hickory Smoked BBQ, Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Rolls, Tea/Untea, Apple Cobbler).
2. All Breakfast Coffee and Pastries are included.
3. All entertainment and seminars, except the SmartWeigh Program.
4. Everyone will receive a Rally Pin  A preliminary design is shown to the left. If you've got last year's pin then it's already a collector's item. There are none left and there will never be more! Be sure to add this year's pin too!
What's NOT included in my Rally Fee?
1. There are two catered dinners. One is included (see item 1 above), the other is not. It will cost $12.00 per person. Menu: Pot Roast, White Slaw, Baked Potato, Rolls, Tea/Untea, Strawberry Shortcake.
2. Optional Biltmore Tour ($40.00 per person) (9:00 AM April 25th, 2013)
3. Optional 2013 SKP ACRE Rally T-Shirts, though these are really cool... (T-shirts will have the Rally Logo printed on the front of a colored, premium quality, cotton t-shirt. Shirts are $10.50 for all sizes except 2XL and 3XL, which are $12.00 and $13.00 respectively. A preliminary design is shown to the left. These can be ordered when you Register for the Rally.
Which Chapters, BoFs or other groups will be there?
So far the SOLOs, DOVEs, and Chapters 16, 29 and 42 have scheduled their Spring Rallies either in conjunction with SKP ACRE, or immediately preceding or succeeding it. If you would like to schedule your group to meet up at SKP ACRE please use the Contact Us form to make arrangements.
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Chapter 42 Spring 2013 Rally

The KEN-TENN Chapter will hold their Spring 2013 rally in Maple Hill RV Park in Jamestown, TN, immediately following SKP ACRE's rally. Jamestown, TN is approximately 230 miles from Marion, NC, mostly along I-40 and I-75. Chapter 42 will have a group of sites set aside at SKP ACRE in order for them to be able to enjoy some pre-Spring Rally comradeship and to facilitate an orderly evacuation to Jamestown on 28th.

From Chapter 42 Escapees Website:
"Ken-Tenn 2013 Spring Rally

"The Ken-Tenn Escapees Chapter 42 Fall 2012 Rally will be held at Maple Hill RV Park in Jamestown, TN. from April 28-May 5, 2013. The rally will take place right after the ACRE rally in Marion, NC. There are limited sites at Walnut Hill and reservations should be made early. Be sure to call in your reservations before March 1st, 2013 at 931-879-3025.

"Some things you might visit are Big South Fork Rec. Area, Sergeant York State Historic Park, Historic Rugby, Highland Manor Winery, Muddy Pond Mennonite Community, John Muir Trail, Colditz Cove State Natural Area."

(For more information check the Chapter 42 Google Website.)

Note you have to register for the Jamestown Spring Rally separately from SKP ACRE (SKP ACRE Registration).

Chapter 42 Voice Mail Information: 888-757-7701 ext. 8042
Link to Chapter 42 Page on the official Escapees Website.
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Calling all Single RVers and SOLOs!
Come to our SOLO pre-rally April 19th, to April 22nd, 2013
Tom Johnson Camping Center in Marion, NC.

Stay on for SKP-ACRE (All Chapters Rally East); no need to move your rigs. Our “caravan” will WALK up the SKP-ACRE registration desk. No, we don’t have the Quartzite Big Tent, BUT, we do have the Spring beauty of the Smokey Mountains, the artist colony of Asheville, 13 museums, a winery, and the largest home in America, the Biltmore Estate! We also have a restaurant in the campground and, I’m certain the friendly Tom Johnson staff will provide you a personally escorted tour of the latest RVs, Service facility, and RV stuff.

Last year our SOLOs were called the “Life of the Party”; this year we would like to be the biggest BoF attending, as well! Come on over for an Eastern Great Time, Call or email Bobbi Harden (info below) to tell us you will be there and on what day you will arrive. Our SOLO rally starts on Friday April19th, but if you are at another rally or engagement, arrive when you can (but not before 19th, unless you book on your own directly with Tom Johnson Camping Center); just call us and we will save a site within our group for you, because you are special to us and SOLOs. Renew your friendships within our group, enjoy the beauty of NC, and shake off the winter’s cold by registering with SKP ACRE. If you plan to arrive on April 19th & stay for the entire SKP-ACRE, that is 9 nights @ $24.00 per night, per rig. Please register as soon as possible for correct dinner, Biltmore and T-Shirt counts; but, you CAN show up at the gate & feel welcome!

Bobbi Harden 678-617-5748

Link to SOLOS BOF Page on the official Escapees Website.
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Chapter 16 Spring 2013 Rally

The Tara Travelers of Georgia will hold their Spring 2013 rally at the SKP ACRE's rally in Marion, NC April 22 - 28, 2013.

All you need to do is register via SKP ACRE (that's right here) where you will pay the rally fee and sign up for additional activities.

More details to follow.
Link to Chapter 16 Page on the official Escapees Website.
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Chapter 29 Spring 2013 Rally

The Carolina Rovers will hold their Spring 2013 rally at the SKP ACRE's rally in Marion, NC April 22 - 28, 2013.

All you need to do is register via SKP ACRE (that's right here) where you will pay the rally fee and sign up for additional activities.

More details to follow.

Chapter 29 Voice Mail Information: 888-757-7701 ext. 8029
Link to Chapter 29 Page on the official Escapees Website.
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DOVEs Spring 2013 Rally

DOVEs will hold their Spring 2013 rally at the SKP ACRE's rally in Marion, NC April 22 - 28, 2013.

At the last two rallies, Steve Masterson coordinated a covered dish dinner and orientation for the DOVES. To prepare for this year’s rally, we are canvassing members to see who plans to attend the 2013 ACRE rally so that we can plan accordingly. Please let Steve know if you plan to attend and he will follow up with some additional questions. Steve can be reached at

All you need to do is register via SKP ACRE (that's right here) where you will pay the rally fee and sign up for additional activities.

More details to follow.

DOVEs Voice Mail Information: 888-757-7701 ext. 8083
Link to DOVEs Website.

Not-To-Be-Missed Rally Highlights.

Clearly we're still working on the agenda and events for this upcoming rally, and we will be right up to the event itself. We've got a lot planned but there's a lot still to do.

First and foremost is the incomparable Biltmore House and Estate Tour. The cost will be $40.00 again (same as it was the last three years), and there's a write up about it below. This is a MUST-DO event if you haven't been there, and perhaps even if you have!

Other events are still being planned... If you have thoughts about what we should include - or not include - please use the Contact Us page to let us know your ideas

Not-to-be-missed highlights include (click a heading for more information):

SmartWeigh: How to Register


We are delighted to be able to offer this most important Escapees RV Club program once again, and are grateful to the Club's national organization, and Jim Koca in particular for presenting it.

logo sm
No one tells the story of this vital Escapees program better then Escapees themselves. Click here for detailed SmartWeigh Program Information

How to register for SmartWeigh

SmartWeigh will be available before and after the SKP ACRE 2013.

Pre-Rally, weighing will be on:
Sunday, April 21st from 8am to 5pm, and
Monday, April 22nd, from 8am to 5pm.
(If you wish to have your vehicle weighed as you arrive you MUST pre-register.)

Post-Rally weighing will be on:
Sunday, April 28th from 8am to 2pm. Registration for this weigh-in may be done at the rally.

To Pre-Register:
Contact the Escapees SmartWeigh Program, before 5:00pm Central, on April 19th, 2013 at 888-757-2582 and ask to speak to Kim. She will take your details, including payment details and register you for the program. There will be information for you to download, or receive by email and forms to be completed, in advance of arrival, so make sure you register - both for SKP ACRE and for SmartWeigh - in plenty of time.

If you decide not to Pre-Register:
Don't worry - you can still participate in SmartWeigh. Weighing will be available for departing attendees, and you can sign up after arrival at SKP ACRE, at the SmartWeigh booth.

Cost is $55.00 for the 5th wheel trailers and travel trailers.
For motor homes without a towed vehicle it is $45.00, with the towed vehicle it is $55.00.

If you are participating in the SmartWeigh Program you really should attend Jim’s two related seminars which he will be presenting at the rally: It’s a Weighty Matter and RV Tire Safety.

Whether you decide to pre-register or register at the rally, if you have not had your RV weighed (recently), we strongly encourage you do take this opportunity to do so. It might, literally, save your life! Check out the full SmartWeigh Program Details.


Representing Escapees RV Club National Headquarters this year is Jim Koca. Jim is a retired police officer with over 35 years of service. He is a collision re-constructionist, investigating and instructing classes throughout the United States. Jim is a SmartWeigh Certified Weighmaster.

For details of the SmartWeigh Program, and how to participate in it, click the Tab above this one.

In addition to SmartWeigh, Jim plans to offer no fewer than five (count them - FIVE) seminars. We are truly grateful to Jim for his participation in this year's SKP ACRE and his seminars, listed below, are all excellent. If you're participating in SmartWeigh - and even if you're not - two in particular should not be missed. They are It’s a Weighty Matter and RV Tire Safety.

The Seminars:

It’s a Weighty Matter
This seminar will look at the problems with weight management for RV’s. Overloading is the major problem facing RVers. Properly weighing your RV for total load and proper distribution of that load is essential. Weight management is extremely important for peace of mind while traveling down the road.

RV Tire Safety
RV tires are one the most vulnerable components on the RV. Tire damage is not self-healing, damage to tires is cumulative. RVers need to have a basic understanding of the demands put on their tires.

Personal Safety while RVing
RVing can take you to wonderful places to see and things to do. This seminar will look at what steps you can take in order to be safe and have a wonderful time.

Bucket List
What’s on your “Bucket List”? What do you want to do, see or experience before you “Kick the Bucket!” This seminar will show you how to plan, finance, and check-off your items in your list.

eBay on the Road
Have fun and make money on the road by selling on eBay. Learn tips for locating items to sell, how to package, get your money, and ship your items after the sale. Everyone can use some extra money while traveling, why not you?

HOP on Board
Have you ever wanted to go to the Rose Parade and help decorate a float and then see your float travel down Colorado Blvd? The Escapees HOP (Head Out Program) can take you to places on your list of things to do and things to see.

Biltmore Estate Tour

If you've never been here before: GO - there's nothing else like it anywhere in America. If you're returning for a second - or a tenth - visit you already know that there's always more to see and do at this national treasure. The cost is $40.00 but the rewards are priceless.
The Biltmore Estate is unique in all the world. This incomparable icon of American architecture was modeled by Richard Morris Hunt after three 16th-century French châteaux. It has 4 acres of living space, 250 rooms (including 34 bedrooms and 43 bathrooms). The basement houses a swimming pool, bowling alley, gymnasium and changing rooms, and still has room for the servants' quarters and kitchens!

The grounds at Biltmore - 125 acres of horticultural magnificence - were designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the celebrated father of American landscape architecture.

Whether you spend a tranquil day walking the azalea bejewelled gardens, fascinate yourself with a peek at the lifestyles of America's aristocracy while touring the house, or enjoy a delicious meal at one of the several restaurants, there no better way to spend a day in this are that to spend it at Biltmore.

For more information visit

North Carolinian Music

North Carolina's music heritage melds many traditions, including Piedmont blues, country, jazz and Gospel, but none have left so indelible a mark on the area as bluegrass. Bluegrass is a sub-genre of country, indigenous to Appalachia. Its is strongly rooted in the Ulster-Scots tradition but also influenced by Scottish, Irish and English traditions (with later additions from African-American musicians). Earl Scruggs and Doc Watson hail from North Carolina, and Arthur Smith may be considered more country than bluegrass but his Guitar Boogie and Dueling Banjos are highly respected virtuoso pieces for the respective eponymous instruments.

SKP ACRE has arrange two bands from the local, North Carolina traditions for your evening entertainment. Bernie Burleson's Tru Blu Bluegrass Band comprises Deborah Young: Lead Singer & Harmony, Rhythm Guitar, Mandolin. Allen English: Harmony & Lead Singer, Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar. Bernie Burleson:Singer, Bass & MC.

Band leader, Bernie Burleson, plays a mean bass & is known as the MC for the group but occasionally he is known to lay the bass down & hit the dance floor! The only female in the group, Debbie Young, Sings lead and tenor and plays rhythm guitar, some mandolin, and has been known to pull out her harmonica. Debbie is also a songwriter and several of her songs have been released on CDs when the band was formerly known as, "The Hit or Miss" Band. Debbie is from Crossnore, N.C. Allen English plays the banjo, as well as anyone around. He doesn't stop there either. He also plays the mandolin, guitar, piano, and is an awesome singer himself, not to mention the fact that sometimes, he can be quite the comedian! He lives in Hickory, N.C. Together, these 3 people form one of the most followed and most sought-after bands in western North Carolina. Between their variety of styles of music and their colorful character, people everywhere, old and young alike, love to hear them and they keep coming back for more! They are all fine, down-to-earth, fun, Christian, family-oriented type people who love life and love more than anything to please the crowd!

Tom Sparks' Appalachian Music cleaves closely to its Scots/Irish tradition by being very loosely organized. Basically Tom shows up with whichever of his musical buddies are available on the night - an arrangement, made all the more interesting by the plethora of amazing talent available in the region, which almost defines Scots/Irish music. It conveniently guarantees a fresh, innovative evening's musical entertainment. Tom was very popular at last year's SKP ACRE and we're delighted to have him return again this year.

Fire Prevention and Safety Seminar


Fire Prevention and Safety Seminar
Presented by: Chief Brad Ledbetter
Pleasant Gardens Fire Department

Chief Brad will talk about fire prevention and safety and some participants will practice using a fire extinguisher on a Laser Driven Fire Extinguisher Training System. He will also talk about proper locations for smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors along with how to use your RV "Emergency Exits".